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Welcome to the press and communications area of Top Doctors in your country.We want to use this space to open a direct channel of communication between the media and the company.

Do you want the opinions of the best doctors in your articles?

We can offer you more than 4000 doctors from all specialities and they can help you to enhance the understanding of a topic, if you wish use their experience as support or include quotes. Simply contact us and we will help to channel the information.

We also constantly generate content with the best medical specialists in your country and we currently have more than 2500 articles and 1000 videos on our platform.

Do you want to know more about the eHealth situation in your country or Top Doctors®?

Opinion platforms, Patient to Doctor Messaging Services, etc. we can help you to complete your report.

We are also available if you need to talk about Private Medicine, International Medical Tourism or the evolution of the sector in country.

Additionally, contact us for proposals for all types of journalistic collaborations, as well as for propositions of possible sponsors.

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