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Specialty in Mastology

Mastology is the medical specialty that deals with the treatment of both the breast and its functions and benign and malignant diseases. The specialists who are responsible for this task are professionals from different areas: radiologists, oncologists, nuclear physicians, radiotherapists, anatomopathological physicians, plastic surgeons and experts in breast surgery. In this way, the specific resources are applied for an integral treatment adapted to the needs that require patient and tumor and with the objective of performing more effective and less harmful therapies to preserve whenever the breast and the armpit can be maintained. The different treatments that comprise mastology are: radical mastectomy, breast conservation, axillary dissection, sentinel lymph node, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy or reconstruction or the treatment of non-palpable lesions or emotional changes. The diagnosis of breast cancer or benign tumors of the breast is made by a breast self-examination, a mammogram, an echo-sonogram, a biopsy, an MRI or extension exams. Diseases dealt with by Mastology • Benign tumors of the breast • Breast cancer

When should we go to the Mastology specialist? It is advisable to go to an expert specialist in breast pathology periodically from the age of 30 for the prevention of any of the diseases that this may suffer, especially if there have been antecedents in the family. In the case of breast cancer when it manifests with the following symptoms: a tumor or a mass in the breast or underarm, a deformity, the nipple secretes fluid or retract or there is a presence of breast pain. Keywords: breast cancer, breast cancer, breast cancer, breast cancer symptoms, breast cancer symptoms

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