Gastroileal Bypass:an operation to lose weight eating normally

"We have a star laparoscopic intervention, the gastro-ileal bypass, which allows us to lose weight by eating normally by doing an operation in 30 minutes."


With small technical modifications made over many years, Dr. Resa, from Clínica Montpellier de Zaragoza, has developed a more precise, simple and safe operation that allows its patients to resolve their obesity and diabetes in a much higher percentage than other techniques performed by other surgeons.

In addition, patients solve their diabetes, their cholesterol, their triglycerides, their hypertension, their snoring, sleep apnea, mobility problems, joint pain etc. All this, eating normally and without "stomach reduction".

Gastroileal bypass are used interchangeably to treat obesity and diabetes , actually the metabolic syndrome. The technique is very similar; but we regulate what each patient has to absorb to improve their pathologies in relation to their weight, height and metabolic needs.

Unlike most surgeons, a bypass is performed that allows normal eating 3 months after surgery. After this time, in which the stomach is adapting, the patient can eat all kinds of food and in a normal amount, which is not achieved when stomach reductions are made.

The fact of being able to eat normal thanks to the gastro-ileal bypass, gives patients more quality of life, allowing them to continue their life similar to before having surgery; but with the benefits of resolving their obesity and / or their diabetes and other pathologies that posed a high risk of heart and brain infarcts.

Given the systematization of the technique, the number of operations performed per week and the experience accumulated in these 11 years has meant that these operations can now be performed in 30 minutes, with discharge from the hospital in just 48 hours .

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